+ How do I know if my existing windows need to be replaced??

There are many tell-tale signs if your windows need to be replaced. If you have one of more of the following, it maybe time to think about replacement windows for your home:

  • Your curtains blow in the wintertime
  • Drafty, with air leaking through or around the window
  • The seal is broken or you notice fog between the panes
  • Chipped, cracked or warped windows
  • Window or window sill is rottedYou have trouble opening, closing and cleaning your windows
  • House is excessively hot in the summer or cold in the winter
  • High energy bills during the summer and winter time

+ How much do your replacement windows cost?

The cost of your replacement windows will depend on a variety of factors, including type of window, the size, number of windows and options like triple pane and argon gas.

+ What exactly is a replacement window?

Any window that is custom measured and manufactured to fit in an existing space where a window previously existed is a replacement window. All of our windows can be used as replacement windows or in a new construction.

+ What are the advantages of custom replacement windows over pre-made, standard-size windows from a big-box hardware store?

Simply, custom windows are made to fit perfectly, they provide the best energy efficiency and can be installed much more easily and with very little mess. Installing standard-size windows often requires that you add brick or siding to the exterior, and drywall or other materials to the interior of your home.

+ How do I know what type of window I need?

There are many things to consider when choosing what type of window you need. The previous window, your home’s architecture, your needs and your budget are all important factors in your replacement window decision. Our window professionals can help you decide what window is perfect for your home.

+ What is LowE glass??

Low-emissive (Low-E) glass is window glass that has been treated with an invisible metal or metallic oxide coating. Creating a surface that reflects heat, while allowing light to pass through. Windows treated with Low-E coatings are proven to reduce energy consumption, decrease fading of fabrics, such as window treatments and carpets.

+ Can windows be installed during the winter?

Yes! Our certified installation crew works year round–even during cold Colorado winters. We will replace one window at a time to minimize energy loss.

+ How long will it take to install my replacement windows??

It takes approximately two days to replace all the windows in an average size home. This varies depending on the size of the job and the type of windows being installed.

+ How should I prepare my home for the window installation??

Best practice is to remove your window treatments, security sensors and curtain rods also move furniture and decor items away from and around windows.

+ How should I care for my new windows??

Our windows are easy to keep clean, and require practically no maintenance. Use any window cleaner to clean the glass surface. Avoid cleaners containing ammonia or abrasives. We like Better Life Glass Cleaner available at KingSoopers and WholeFoods.

+ What areas do you serve?

We serve the greater Denver area from Boulder in the north to Castle Rock in the south and from Evergreen in the west to Bennett in the east. See Service Area Map

+ How do I contact Design Crew Windows?

There are several ways you can contact us. You can fill out an email form here or contact us by phone.

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